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Creating a Zero Waste Event can be a daunting task. We have created an event checklist to help you in your endeavors.

Duluth Superior Eco Rotary Event Checklist

Topic Action Task Assigned To Date of Completion
1 Determine if facility or location is friendly for a green event. Learn if the venue has already established sustainable policies and practices.
2 Identify if facility/location is easily accessible for parking and public transportation. A location that is accessible by foot, bicycle or bus is optimum. Offer a secure place for bicyclists to park their bikes.
Resource Recovery
1 Use media and technology when possible to cut down on paper usage for the promotion of the event – email, social media, online advertising, etc…
2 Determine if decorations or any props are necessary, and if so ask if they are reusable.
3 Connect with vendors who are attending to confirm needs of event. Determine what products they are using and if they are recyclable. Encourage recyclable products and suggest alternatives if their products are not recycling friendly.
4 Connect with a waste hauler to establish a partnership. Determine the metrics of your event’s waste stream and communicate closely with the hauler to help capture weights for reporting purposes. (See questions to ask your hauler to ensure sustainable success.)
1 Determine desired menu. Consider requirements for recycling, composting and serving (utensils necessary; serving containers for both food and beverages)
2 From Vendors: request eco-friendly containers – either recyclable or biodegradable.
3 Beverages – most favorable options include the sale of containers for refilling option or compostable cups.

Duluth Superior Eco Rotary Event Checklist Page 2

Topic Action Task Assigned To Date of Completion
1 Arrange to compost food waster. Note that if you do, you will want a “waste advisor,” (DSERC), by the waste bins to help individuals dispose of their waster properly. Include the dumpsters as well as the individual bins.
2 Request clearly labeled recycling bins to be placed wherever there are trash bins.
3 Announce waste disposal options to attendees through signage in several places including at entrance, vendors windows, most visible areas of the event as well as from stage at the event.
4 Confirm the hauler can give metrics on waste from the event.
1 Brief all vendors about the expectations of waste at the event prior to the event. Share the recycling plan and map of containers with signage visible.
2 Brief all volunteers and staff about eco-friendly aspects of the event so they can explain it to attendees.
3 Schedule a “walk through” with the vendors and volunteers prior to the event.