Through the implementation of this policy, Eco Rotary aims to maximize the positive contribution events can play in supporting the sustainable development goals for our community. Our goal is to seek a standard of practice that is consistent with best practices in sustainable events. Our events can be a new standard in the Duluth area for Sustainability and be a showcase for how sustainable events can be successful. They also will give our Duluth Community pride in being good stewards of our wonderful Lake(s), rivers, and wilderness.

Policy Statement

The Eco Rotary, and it’s Sustainable Coordinator is committed to the implementation of sustainable development principles in planning and execution of our events.

We are committed to establishing, promoting, and maintaining a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility of our internal, external stakeholders, and supply chain.

We ensure timely management reviews of all events sustainability management activity, as well as measurement and reporting of performance, with a commitments to continual improvement.

During the event life cycle, we can help identify issues relating to sustainable development across a range of issues such as:

  • Waste avoidance and minimization
  • Communications and training
  • Community and habitat
  • Water conservation
  • Safety
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Energy reduction
  • Sustainable procurement

We have set goals and identified Sustainability Performance Indicators to help track the sustainability of our event activities over time, ensuring continual improvement.

These indicators make up our sustainability reporting and are guided by the Sustainable Coordinator. We will strive to have sustainable issues at the core of the event planning cycle, with equal importance given to sustainability, alongside logistical, creative and financial aspects. Integrating a Sustainability Management System into event planning, will ensure we are identifying and effectively managing sustainability issues, and thus meeting our sustainable developments goals.