Eco Rotary

The Duluth Superior Eco Rotary Club is a service organization committed to enhancing and preserving our region’s natural beauty and resources through hands-on service projects.

We offer a great opportunity to network with and meet fun, energetic community leaders who have a passion for the environment and improvement of our region.

We meet the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm. We meet at Blackwoods on London Road, but due to Covid-19 we also meet via Zoom. (Contact out club President Brenda for the Zoom Link!) Our club meetings are friendly, relaxed and often include speakers that are focused on the community and environment. Interested club members also participate in hands-on service projects right here in our community. For more fun, club members volunteer to host Fun Foods Night monthly dinners where members and guests gather for fun and food.

June 28th – Changing of the Guard!

Come and celebrate Brenda’s amazing year and congratulate our new Board Members as well as our New President Kara Proctor!

July 12 – Ryan Hueffmeier – Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center

Summer is a busy time for everyone, but especially those from an Environmental Learning Center. Ryan will be here to let us know what’s been going on up at Boulder Lake.

July 26 – Philip Gilpin Jr. – Catalyst Story Institute!

Have you noticed film crews in the area lately? Philip and Catalyst are largely the reason for that! Philip will inform us on the ongoing search for a location to build a sound stage here in Duluth!
Join us at a club meeting! We welcome all visitors and new members!

Or! Would you like to join our “Friends of EcoRotary” Mailing list? Contact Susan to get added!